4 Popular Tattoo Designs For Women

Getting a tattoo nowadays is extremely popular but don’t think only guys are getting them, a lot of women are also getting them too. So if you’re a girl and planning to get a tattoo but don’t know anything about tattoo designs, then read on for some tattoo design tips for girls:

Cherry Blossoms

tattoo designsCherry blossoms are one of the most popular tattoo designs for girls simply because they are just beautiful to look at. This flower is full of symbolic meaning in both Japanese and Chinese culture. In Japan, cherry blossoms represent the transience of life because these flowers only blossom for a short period of time. It is in their teachings not to get too attached on something or not to become emotional on a particular outcome as this will pass in time.

The Chinese look at cherry blossoms very differently, and they find this flower as symbol of power. Especially representing feminine dominance and power – “girl power” so to speak.


Star tattoo designs fit girls nicely. They represent the light that shines in darkness, which means that there is always hope in life or any situation no matter how difficult it is. Stars also command you or temps you to make a wish, it’s as if the star symbol triggers our brains to a sudden euphoria and happiness, stops all inhibitions and do a brief and selfish act of a wish.


tattoo designsSwallows are a traditional tattoo design for women. Kate Moss had a pair of swallows on her buttocks tattooed on her by renowned German artist Lucian Freud. Apparently, Lucian in his younger years learned how tattoo using ordinary ink, and he had a lot of clients – all soldiers during the war.

Swallows are a symbol of everlasting love since swallows mate for life. They also represent fertility and renewal.

Any Tattoo Design that means Something To You

We all know that women are more sentimental than men, so why not get a symbol or any tattoo design that represents something of value to you. Unlike guys, who more commonly gets a cool large flashy extremely detail tattoo design just to show off to friends, women don’t care if its large or small, flashy or detailed, it doesn’t even have to be beautiful, as long as the tattoo design means something, that’s cool enough for gals.