3 Factors You Should Know Before Getting A New Tattoo

5881-excelent-tattoo-tumblr_largeIf you’re yearning to get a tattoo and it feels like you’ve been waiting forever then you can at least take solace in knowing you are not alone! Thousands of young people are waiting to get to the legal age when they can get their first tattoo. Tattoos these days are skillfully inked and a lot of designs just look spectacular on skin. No wonder these beautiful works of art are extremely popular.

But remember, there are three factors that you must accomplish before getting your tattoo. These factors are very important to ensure you get the best tattoo experience.

  1. Tattoo design – before going to a tattoo studio, you must have a tattoo design at hand or at least have an idea of a design. Do not go random on this because these things are permanent, you might end up regretting your tattoo in the long run. When choosing a tattoo design, make sure that you and you alone like it. Do not let others encourage you to get a design that you don’t want. You can do a lot of searching in the net, do some mix and matching, or you can ask for advice from your tattoo artist. Lastly, choose a design that has meaning to you.
  2. Tattoo artist – as they say in the tattoo world ““good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good.” This is very true, the higher an artist charge, the higher the rate of satisfaction. Professional tattoo artist don’t just give you a tattoo, they do the proper way of delivering the ink through the skin. Also they are very strict when it comes to hygiene, so you are guaranteed you won’t get any infection from their instruments.
  3. Tattoo aftercare – this is probably the most ignored part of the tattoo process but the most important. Knowing how to take care of a fresh  tattoo is critical for the end result of the tattoo. You may have the most beautiful tattoo design, done the best tattoo artist in the world, but if you don’t have any idea on how to apply tattoo aftercare, it is most likely you will get your tattoo infected and everything can go down the drain.