3-D Tattoo Aftercare

IMG_3955-e1431032549117With tattoos becoming all the more popular in mainstream media it is inevitable that more and more complex and beautiful tattoo designs come out. As of late, this fad is around 3-D tattoos which, to their credit, look exceptional.

While these tattoos do in fact look stunning, they require immense amounts of time to do, at the least you’ll be in the studio for a number of hours – sometimes it may even take 2 separate sessions! Committing to a tattoo like this is not for the faint of heart!

Not only will the tattoo itself take a great deal of time and forethought, the aftercare will also be immense. 3-D tattoos are usually quite large and therefore will require a great deal of time and responsibility. Without applying the proper aftercare lotion you run the very real chance of the tattoo scarring over and completely ruining a design that has so much potential.

If you are a tattoo artist who wants to do 3-D tattoos, we highly recommend the tattoo ink seal. Because you will be tattooing for so long, its important that the person’s skin whom you are tattooing stays sterile and doesn’t become susceptible to infection after tattooing for a longer period of time. Thousands of artists use the ink seal and it is proven to ensure sterile skin and easy to tattoo on.

There is such a huge scope to create a beautiful piece of art when it comes to 3-D tattooing. Some ideas are-

  • Robotic muscles
  • Tattooing images of your actual muscles for an x-ray look
  • Animals

The great thing about 3-D tattoos is the many use a thicker type of ink than regular tattoos. This makes the ink stand out more and make the tattoo look more unique. The latter point is extremely relevant as the complexity of a 3-D tattoo is almost certainly not going to be on anyone else and is therefore exclusive to you only!

Where Can I Get A 3-D Tattoo?

You may think that you can walk into any old tattoo shop and get a 3-D tattoo. Unfortunately, many tattoo shops, particularly ones that are newer and have artists with less experience, are unable to create these designs. This is due to a combination of the lack of experience and in some cases because they lack the proper tattoo aftercare products to sufficiently care for the tattoo afterwards.

This is precisely where the ink seal becomes invaluable. The sheer size of tattoo requires a great deal of care and particularly requires the right condition of skin. The sterile skin that comes as a product of using the ink seal is invaluable when getting a 3-D tattoo. Bearing this in mind, you should be cautious to ensure that your chosen artist uses a sterlising agent.