Zayn Malik New Tattoo! It’s A Skull!

new tattooOne Direction was in Sweden to perform for X Factor Svarige, which is the Swedish version of the X Factor. The ladies where screaming their vocal cords out, when Zayn Malik showed off his new tattoo on a taped segment before going out on stage.

The bad boy of One Direction’s new tattoo is a skeleton head over what looks like cross bones and is located just below his shoulders, facing frontally, not your regular on the side shoulder tattoo. The skull tattoo with cross bones is beautifully made with black ink.

Over all, Zayn Malik got 8 tattoos spread all over his body. To name a few there’s this huge microphone tattoo, a hand doing a cross finger, a yin and yang tattoo, Walter tattoo in Arabic(his grandfather), playing cards on his stomach area and last tattoo before the skull was the huge “Zap!” tattoo on his arm.


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