“World’s Worst Tattoo Portrait” – Fixed!

tattooTattoo portraits are beautiful and amazing if inked by a talented artist. Portraits are quite difficult to tattoo, the artist should know how to apply the right shading to make that realistic effect. Unfortunate, when Chad Stahl had a tattoo portrait of his wife, it was hailed by many as “The world’s worse tattoo portrait”!

Chad Stahl, the proprietor of Cutright Lawn and Landscapping, went to a tattoo studio to see Dennis Foust about getting a tattoo portrait of his wife Mindy, on the 1st anniversary of her death. “I had seen Faust’s portrait work on his website and he even tattooed some of my in-laws with designs in honor of Mindy so I was confident going in, But when the swelling subsided, it didn’t look like Mindy at all—her teeth looked evil.” Sometime later, a friend emailed Stahl a link to a blog post entitled “Worst Tattoo Ever”, which had a picture of his tattoo!

A few months later, Stahl returned to Foust to get it “fixed” but the tattoo artist just added “In loving memory of Mindy” on top of the portrait and did not make any changes to the actual image. Stahl felt let down after the repair job. “I was embarrassed to wear sleeveless shirts and didn’t want anyone to see the tattoo but everyone in my town knew about it”

Fortunately, Stahl’s days of shame came to an end when a friend recommended Scott Versago of Empire ink in Ohio. Stahl drove all the way to Ohio to see the tattoo artist.

When Versago came face to face with the terrible tattoo portrait he was flabbergasted and said, “I couldn’t believe my eyes when this guy walked in and showed me this project. I think my jaw literally hit the floor.” After a major revamp, the tattoo was transformed into a beautiful portrait and fitting tribute to Stahl’s deceased wife. Versago did the whole project for free because of the wonderful story behind the portrait.