Why get Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup has evolved over years and with so many treatments offered today it’s not uncommon that more and more of us are having cosmetic tattoos. From eyebrows to areola tattoos. There are many reasons why we want cosmetic tattoos. Permanent Makeup gives that makeup look 24/7. Treatments available include eyebrow, eyeliner, lip tattoos, beauty marks, etc.

There are many reasons why we want to have these treatments. Imagine waking up every morning make-up ready. Equally there are people who have lost or thinned eyebrows who really benefit from eyebrow tattoos. There are different types of techniques for eyebrow tattoos.

Darren Mifsud is an experienced cosmetic tattoo artist specialising in advanced permanent makeup procedures.

Another reason why permanent makeup can be needed is by patient who have post breast cancer or have had a mastectomy. Areola tattoos are realism tattoos that look like the nipple. These tattoos are very important to these patients who have lost confidence due to the treatment. Currently there are permanent make-up artists who offer these tattoos free of charge.

Scalp micropigmentation is commonly beneficial to those suffering from hairloss. This type of tattoo is gives the illusion of a close shaved head. Typically this can be done on the crowning area or on the full scalp to replicate a natural appearance of hair (shaved scalp)

As with all tattoos artists will recommend their aftercare instructions for all types of treatment. After Inked tattoo moisturiser is designed for caring for tattoos and permanent make up. Non-petroleum jelly is recommended after lips treatments due to it’s Vaseline like consistency and the lotion can be recommended for use after any tattoo or PMU treatment.