What is A Flash Tattoo

flash tattoo

Finding a tattoo design that is right for you can be overwhelming. The choices are limitless. A flash tattoo is a useful way to narrow down what you want.

Flash is the term used for premade tattoo images. The tattoo flash often comes in sets called flash sheets and these can be seen in almost all tattoo shops. The pieces usually have a common theme such as flowers, animals, vintage, skull, or hearts. Others have a random mixture of designs although this is not as popular because they can be confusing to look at.

In contrast to personal tattoos, flashes are made for general use. A flash tattoo has a matching line art stencil that the tattoo artist will use. The stencil design will be transferred directly on your skin before the actual tattoo process. The design is then kept gray and black or can be filled with colour or shading, depending on your preference. You can also create a personalised design based on the tattoo flash.

Using a flash tattoo would really depend on your needs. If you are comfortable with having a tattoo that has the exact design as other people, then you can get it done as it is. Otherwise, you can also ask for modifications and have your tattoo artist change some colours. The lines can be made thicker or finer. Another way of altering it is by adding highlights or including some shadowing. However, be realistic and take into consideration the complexity of the design versus the area of the body where you want it placed.

Your tattoo will become a permanent art on your skin so make sure you take the time to find a specialized tattoo studio that complies with government regulations and highly capable tattooist. Just like having a custom ink, a flash tattoo should leave you with quality art work that you can be proud of.


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