What happens if I don’t like my tattoo ?

Firstly do fully research the tattoo and the tattoo artist that you would like to use. Consider getting a temporary transfer or even a henna tattoo To help you decide.

Do remember that once a tattoo is on it is permanent; it is not designed to be removed. Of course with time the tattoo may fade depending on the type of ink used and also how you take care of it. If however you are convinced you do not want the tattoo then you have a few considerations. 


There are no known regulated creams for tattoo removal. They work mainly to bleach, burn or peel away a layer of skin by use of an active chemical ingredient like hydroquinone or trichloroacetic acid (TCA) . The problem is these products do not penetrate the skin dermis which is where the blocks of tattoo ink are located. At best, the area may be lightened but at worst the skin may be burned or irritated which could lead to an infection or permanent scarring.

The better option is to consider laser tattoo removal with a machine which is regulated either by the US FDA or UK equivalent which is CE approved. You will need to wait at least eight weeks until your tattoo is fully healed after which time you can have your first treatment (subject to suitability). Do ensure you find an approved laser technician who is fully insured and trained in order to perform laser treatment. Do not focus just on price; remember some laser machines can cheaply be purchased on eBay! These will be used by the places offering the cheapest prices. The saying that you get what you pay for is absolutely correct here. The best machines cost approximately £250,000. The cheapest machines cost as little as £5000. You definitely want to avoid the machines whose manufacturer cannot be identified or contacted in order for you to research their credentials. 

CynoSure PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal machine
CynoSure PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal machine

In terms of technology, Simply put, the lasers work to break down the ink after which your body works to eliminate the ink through its natural processes. There are various different types of Lasers like Ruby, alexandrite, q switch and Pico lasers . The PicoSure Laser use the most advanced technology to break down the ink. You will still need to wait at least eight weeks after your tattoo in order to have laser treatment. It is very important to also choose a laser technician who is experienced, trained and insured.