What can I use on lips after Semi Permanent Makeup

After Inked is formulated for all tattooing procedures – both traditional tattoos and also cosmetic tattooing. There are 2 products in the range for aftercare – the lotion (white packaging) and (ii) the Jelly (black packaging). Both formulations contain grapeseed oil which helps heal the skin. Both can be used for areas, so it is also a matter of preference what consistency you prefer.

The lotion is cream based and great for all round moisturising and aftercare on all areas especially eyebrows.
The jelly has a vaseline-like consistency (although importantly it does not contain any petroleum). The jelly also contains additional oils including coconut oil which makes it ideal for lips and nipples as those areas require extra moisture.  

The new addition to the range which is the foam cleanser is also perfect for cleansing facial areas after procedures like microblading and cosmetic tattooing.