The Meaning behind a Dreamcatcher Tattoo

dreamcatcher tattooA tattoo design especially popular among women is the dreamcatcher tattoo. Because of their mystical qualities, dream catchers have increased in popularity.

What is a dreamcatcher?

A dreamcatcher is a traditional Native American object. It was meant to protect a sleeping individual from dreadful dreams, while letting good dreams through. This handmade item is a circular woven net or web that is then adorned with things like beads, gem stones, bells, shells, leather pouches, or feathers.

It is believed that the sacred spirits send messages to humans while they sleep. The hole in the center of the dreamcatcher is supposed to let positive dreams pass while the negative dreams are caught in the web.  Others believe that the bad dreams escape through the hole in the center and no longer part of them while good dreams are caught in the web to hold their destiny. Whichever way it is, the purpose of a dreamcatcher is to retain the positive dreams, while getting rid of harmful ones.

Today, dreamcatchers are being used as tattoo designs not only because they represent protection, but also because of their trendy artwork. It is said that no two dream catchers look alike, making them more desirable because of their uniqueness.

Even celebrities have not escaped the appeal of these tattoo designs. American actress Vanessa Ferlito, known for her roles in The Sopranos and CSI, has a dream catcher tattooed on the back of her left shoulder. The pop singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus who achieved worldwide fame as Hannah Montana has a dreamcatcher tattoo on her right ribcage.

If you decide to get a dreamcatcher tattoo, remember that this is not simply a fashionable design popular in current times. This is first and foremost a sacred symbol to specific groups of people. Before you permanently ink this attractive tattoo design on your skin, consider its real meaning.