Tattooing your Hairline

A relatively new technique is bringing another option to men with thinning hair or hair loss. Scalp Micropigmentation is a medical, non-surgical, cosmetic tattoo that gives the illusion of a closecut on a bald head or adds density to a thinning hair line. The procedure can also be used to conceal scars from hair transplantation, hide the visual impact of burns or to treat hair loss through skin conditions such asĀ Alopecia. Scalp micropigmentation can be performed on all skin types and colours. In contrast to other tattoos, the procedure does not penetrate the epidermal level of the skin as deeply, and the inks (or pigments) used are less prone to color change over time. Scalp micropigmentation has become increasingly popular over the past several years with a number of practitioners now available. Instead of using medication, hair systems, temporary concealers or having a hair transplant performed, many people opt for scalp micropigmentation as a quick, painless and hassle-free alternative. The advantages of this procedure is that the hairline can be adjusted and freshened up with relative ease. Here’s a UK clinic which specialises in Scalp Micro Pigmentation: