Tattoo and Permanent Makeup Studios Re-opening?

Tattoo and piercing studios as well as permanent makeup clinics are still closed. So why are these businesses still closed? Hairdressers and barbers will be allowed to reopen as lockdown lifts yet some people are questioning why these businesses cannot re-open?

Understandably treatments and services offered in the tattooing industry are usually 1 to 1 meaning treatments will bring people in close proximity to one another i.e. some services will mean being face to face between artist and client. Equally, tattooing is done using needles which will break the skin.

In the tattooing industry there are strict regulations and the standards of hygiene are extremely high. Tattoo and permanent makeup artists and clinics operate under a very strict cleanliness policy and in a sterile environment. One would think due to the caution and high standard of client safety they operate, they would be considered safe to reopen? We will wait and hope.

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