Tattoo Aftercare: Artist Insight – Brian Woo


Brian Woo (right) is a Los Angeles based tattooist that is gaining popularity by the day.

Every tattoo aftercare product deserves a tattoo worthy of taking care of. An artist that is making waves amongst the tattoo community is doing exactly that.

Brian Woo is based in Los Angeles and currently has a waiting list that backdates six months. Yes, you read that correctly. He is a highly demanded tattoo artist primarily due to his innovative technique and tattooing style.

His signature style has added a creative spin on the common geometric tattoo. He uses a geometric fine line needle and creates single line tattoos in a way that few other artists have been able to master. As you can see from the images, his designs are very fine and require an extremely steady hand. His tattoos do take quite a significant amount of time to complete, but the finished product is well worth the time.


Brian Woo’s signature tattooing style.

A tattoo as fine as this requires a significant amount of care. As the lines are so fine, even a slight bleeding of the ink could totally mess up the tattoo. Ensuring you use the proper tattoo aftercare products is a must-do if you choose to get a tattoo like this.

What do you think of Brian Woo’s tattoo design? Is it stunning or not your style? Be sure to comment below and share your thoughts with us! You can also find an archive of Brian’s designs to see what type of tattoo you may like!