Snake Tattoos: What Do They Mean?

snake tattooSnake tattoos are one of the classic tattoo designs. The snake is a mysterious creature, it is featured in many cultures and mentioned in various myths and legends. But the snake is well known as an evil creature in biblical writing, it is said that the devil have emanated into earth in the form of a snake to convince Eve eat the forbidden fruit, which later brought Adam and Eve to their doom.

After said that, why do people get a snake tattoo? Well, the poor snake isn’t that evil at all. It is unfortunate that the snake or any serpent was used to symbolize evil in pagan myths. In fact, some myths see the serpent as a representation of rebirth since it shed off its old skin for a lively beautiful new one. In the bible, the snake was used as a representation or an illustration of Satan and snake itself is not evil; it’s just like any other living animal in the planet.

As a living animal, the snake is a beautiful creature, comes in various colours and uses this to blend well in its surrounding making it an efficient hunter, helps a lot in controlling pesky rodents. They come in all sizes, ranging from a few inches to 40 feet long.

As a tattoo, the snake has vast meanings. As stated earlier, snake tattoos can represent life because it can shed it skin, leaving old scars and injuries for a new skin as if nothing has happened to it. The snake is also regarded as supernatural, able to move around without legs. It is included in the Chinese zodiac and anyone born under this wonderful creature are good tempered, have very good communication skills and have the willingness to help others. The snake tattoo is great for men or women, no matter how they are drawn with or without fangs and all.