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Choosing The Right Dressing For Your Tattoo

After getting a tattoo there are two main kinds of dressings that an artist will offer you. The first and more common is a cotton dressing while used less often is a plastic wrap. Sometimes an artist will give you the choice to select which wrap you would like while others may simply use what […]


Ink Seal Tattooing

A large part of the danger of infection that comes from tattooing actually is during the process. As tattoos essentially create an open wound, the process of getting a tattoo can often be the starting point for bacteria build up and later infection. The Ink Seal tattoo formula aims to avoid this by oxygenating the […]


Ways to Care for New Piercings

Like tattoos, piercings are fresh wounds that need to be cared for to avoid infection. The last thing that anybody would want to happen is for their piercing to get either infected or close entirely. Some of the biggest mistakes people make are: Piercing the hole (usually their ear) by themselves: No matter how simple […]


What Not to Do After Getting a Tattoo

Tattoos can be a wonderful medium to express something about yourself, bring life to a nifty idea or to add a bit of flare to your presence. That being said, the last thing anybody would want to happen is for your brand spanking new tattoo to be ruined or altered because of a silly mistake. […]


Debunking Tattoo Myths

As many of us in the tattoo world know – there are a ton of really strange myths about getting a tattoo. Luckily, we can debunk a lot of those myths right now. Myth: You will regret tattoos later in life because they will look horrible. Truth: Harris polls taken in 20013 and 2008 showed that a […]


Great and Simple First Time Tattoo Ideas

Thinking about getting a tattoo but can’t decide what it should be of? The last thing you want to do is get one you will regret. Luckily, there are a few great tattoo ideas you can go for that will always be something to be proud of. The Meaningful Tattoo: Something that will (hopefully) be […]


Psychology of Body Modification and Full Body Art

There are many people today who indulge in extreme forms of body art and full body art. If you go to any tattoo convention you can find scores of them. Modifications range from minor procedures such as stretched lobe piercings or ‘gauges’ to far more major procedures such as tongue bifurcation or ‘tongue splitting.”  It […]


Tattoo Aftercare Tips For Tattoo First Timers

So, you’re planning to join the world of tattoos. You’ve got your tattoo ready, prepared it yourself, did all the research and the design strongly represents what you want to express. Before going to your tattoo artist, do you know what is the most important process of getting a tattoo? It’s tattoo aftercare and if […]


Want To Be A Professional Tattoo Artist?

In the past few years the tattoo industry has skyrocketed and is probably one of the fastest growing industry today. For this reason, a lot of people are taking this profession seriously, rather than a silly line of work. If you are interested to become a professional tattoo artist, there are a few things you […]