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Tattoos and Aftercare: Ed Hardy

Many of you have seen the name and may be familiar with what it represents. Born and raised in California in the middle of the 20th century, Donald Edward Talbot Hardy became interested by the eccentric and beautiful art of tattooing from a very young age. Hardy graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute in […]


Tattoo Cover Ups and Removing Tattoos

So the worst has happened and you have gotten a tattoo that you absolutely despise. Perhaps it was due to your negligence in the aftercare process which consequently led to the discoloration of your tattoo. Maybe you went to an artist that wasn’t as good as you had hoped. Or maybe you had a wild […]


Tattoos – The Millennial Identity Crisis

Tattoos have been around for thousands of years, but a recent spike in tattoo culture has forced experts to consider whether there is an underlying catalyst as to why. Both tattoos and tattoo aftercare products have dramatically risen since the 1970s. In the 1960s, there were only about 500 tattoo artists in the USA compared […]


Tribal Tattoos – An Awesome Design!

I’m sure all of us have seen people with tribal designs covering their chests and arms. These designs are extremely intricate and quite frankly look amazing. But does everyone know what these tattoos represent? Probably not. Before one understands the meaning it is imperative to understand that tattoos as beautifully complex as these tattoos are, […]


The Raven Tattoo

The Raven is a majestic creature that is often depicted in modern day culture. Traditionally the raven has negative connotations, usually associated with death; seen often on a battlefield with fallen soldiers. These connotations stem from the raven as a scavenger which, while true, only portrays a very limited portrayal of the grace of this […]


Tattoo Conventions

Tattoo conventions have flourished over the last few decades in particular. With the growing commonness of the tattoo it only makes sense for the culture to expand and promote itself. Tattoo conventions are great places to mix amongst people with similar interests as well as check out some innovative tattooing technology, designs and artists. Both […]


The Stick and Poke Tattoo

The more conventional ideas about tattoos involve ideas about tattoo guns but in reality there are other ways of tattooing. The ‘stick and poke” method is one such other way. This method is often used by amateur tattooists who don’t have access to professional tools, but real tattoo connoisseurs know that some of the rarest […]


What Is Getting A Tattoo Like?

There is quite a great deal of inaccurate information floating around when people think of getting tattoos. There are many emotional as well as physical queries that people have with getting a tattoo. Frequent questions include: How much does it hurt? What if I regret it later? How do I know what to get? While […]


The History of the Tattoo

Nowadays virtually anywhere you go you will see someone with a tattoo. They have become modern day staples of society. However, tattoos have a storied history dating back to 12000 B.C. The earliest recording of tattoos were dated to the ancient Egyptians during the construction of the pyramids and when the Egyptian empire expanded, so […]