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Preserving a Tattoo after death

So many people are defined or known by their tattoos. Of course since the beginning of time people have preserved their loved ones ashes, even using the ashes to make a diamond ring, so is there any thing wrong with wanting to preserve their body art? Today preserving a tattoo is possible – It’s a […]


Can tattoos embrace technology?

Who said that tattoos are just for show? Tattoos are no longer just for aesthetics but can now perform prove useful. University scientists at Harvard have created so called smart tattoos ink which changes colour according to the changes in your blood sugar level. This would be particularly useful for diabetics or athletes. .. a […]


What happens if I don’t like my tattoo ?

Firstly do fully research the tattoo and the tattoo artist that you would like to use. Consider getting a temporary transfer or even a henna tattoo To help you decide. Do remember that once a tattoo is on it is permanent; it is not designed to be removed. Of course with time the tattoo may […]


PicoSure Laser Tattoo Removal

It is estimated that 1 in 4 people who get a tattoo in the United Kingdom suffer from tattoo regret. All is not lost and if you are determined to get rid of a bad or faded tattoo, or just want a cover up tattoo with a completely new design then laser tattoo removal using […]


Tattoo Aftercare: Artist Insight – Brian Woo

Every tattoo aftercare product deserves a tattoo worthy of taking care of. An artist that is making waves amongst the tattoo community is doing exactly that. Brian Woo is based in Los Angeles and currently has a waiting list that backdates six months. Yes, you read that correctly. He is a highly demanded tattoo artist primarily […]


Eye-Catching Arm Tattoos

Arm tattoos have been the go-to area of tattooing for quite a considerable amount of time now. The arm is a great area of flat skin that acts as the perfect canvas for an adept artist to create something beautiful. Whether you choose to get a tattoo there because it is one of the least […]


Questions to Ask Your Tattooist Before Getting A Tattoo

Whether or not you have one or 100 tattoos you will want to find yourself an artist you trust. Finding the right artist is a lot like finding the right barber – except the stakes are much higher considering a tattoo is permanent whereas your hair will grow back. If you’re on the hunt for […]


Cross Stitching and Aftercare

The age old practice is on the rise once more – only this time, the skin is the canvas of choice.Turkish tattoo artist Eva Krbdk‘s cross stitching tattoo style is gaining popularity at an exponential rate. Despite not being the first person to use the cross stitching style, she has gained a far greater amount […]


Neck Tattoos – Yes or No?

Neck tattoos are one of the most in your face tattoos around. They are vivacious and stunning but if not done properly, can be a mess that is very hard to clean up. They also require quite a great deal of tattoo aftercare due to the size and detailing. Our pillow pack tattoo aftercare products may […]