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How Does A Tattoo Machine Work?

You may have an existing tattoo or would like to get one. But have you ever wondered how a tattoo machine works? A tattoo machine is a hand held device that creates a permanent marking on the skin using a permanent ink. There are basically three types of machines. These are the rotary type, dual […]


How to Choose Designs for Tattoos

There is no doubt that getting a tattoo is one of the most popular things these days. But since a tattoo is a permanent thing, you should be sensible as you choose your designs for tattoos. Avoid making hurried decisions. Picking a design for tattoo at the spur of the moment is a no-no. Bear […]


Bepanthen is not a Tattoo Aftercare Product

Bepanthen is a diaper rash cream that is sometimes used by tattoo artists as a tattoo aftercare cream. But should you really use a nappy cream for your fresh wound? One of the ingredients found in Bepanthen is petroleum jelly or petrolatum. This is also called white petrolatum or soft paraffin. It has been used […]


Tattoo Basic Safety Guidelines

Since a permanent tattoo is made by using needles and pigment, be sure that all safety precautions are in place. No matter how tempting it may sound, never tattoo yourself or allow a friend to do the tattooing. If you do not have the money to spend, better save up first to be able to […]


Ways To Keep Your Tattoo Design Brilliant

A tattoo design is a form of body alteration or modification an made on the skin with the use of indelible ink. With the use of a needle, the ink is injected into the dermis to change the pigment or color of the skin to make various and beautiful works of art. Like all other […]


Proper Tattoo Aftercare For a Fresh Tattoo

Tattoo aftercare is probably the most essential part of the process of having a tattoo. A tattoo artist can do so much in perfecting your preferred art work but the pinnacle of the whole process of getting a new tattoo lies on how you take care of your fresh tattoo. Below are simple tattoo aftercare […]


Things To Consider Before Getting Your First Tattoo

Getting a great looking tattoo is really rewarding, not only does it make you feel great, a beautifully made tattoo can be an envy to others, making them want to get a one on their own. If it is your first time to get a tattoo it is very important to know what you’re getting […]


Tattoos: Know the Risks and Precautions

Tattoos are permanent art made on your skin. This is done by using pigments introduced into the top layer of the skin. The procedure involves breaching the skin, complications are possible. The process of tattooing makes use of pigments or inks injected into the skin. These tattoo dyes can cause allergic reactions on the site. […]


Bepanthen: Why You Should Not Use It For Tattoo Aftercare

Bepanthen is an ointment specifically formulated to prevent and heal diaper rash, but it seems there are quite a number of people who use Bepanthen for tattoo aftercare. Let’s look at the main ingredients of Bepanthen nappy ointment. The main ingredient of Bepanthen is Dexpanthenol. It comes from Panthenol. In the cosmetic industry, this is […]