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Laser Tattoo Removal – How Much It Costs

If you wish to have a laser tattoo removal, it is important to find a practitioner who is widely experienced. Although there are other surgical techniques for tattoo removal, these can leave a lot of scarring. Today, laser therapy is the most widely used way to partially or completely remove tattoos. Lasers work to remove […]


Tattoo First Timers Frequently Asked Question

A tattoo is basically printing or inking an image of your liking on your skin. It sounds really simple, but the actual artwork is done by using a needle and impregnating the skin with ink. Now this is not like your usual flu shot from your doctor, the needle in tattooing punctures the skin several […]


Where to Put Your Tattoo Design

You may have given a lot of thought on choosing a design for tattoo. But equally important as the tattoo design is the tattoo placement. Where to place your tattoo is really a matter of personal preference but on the other hand, there are also some considerations when choosing where to place your tat. If […]


Tattoo Aftercare: What Not To Do

It is vital that you practice proper aftercare to ensure proper healing of your new tattoo. Most of the problems that arise are caused by poor tattoo aftercare. Read on to know what NOT to do after getting your tattoo. Do not touch your fresh tattoo. Remember that this is a wound that is prone […]


Tattoo Brilliance with Continued Tattoo Aftercare

So now you’ve got a beautiful fresh tattoo. You’ve passed all the tattoo aftercare with flying colours. No scarring, no tattoo discolorations, no infections whatsoever. You’ve got your tattoo as perfects as it can be. But now you’re thinking: What next? Will my tattoo fade out like the ones I commonly see among elders? How […]


Products With Lanolin Are Not Recommended for Tattoo Aftercare

The popularity of tattoos continues to grow. However, having a tattoo is not simply going to the tattoo artist, getting inked, and then going home to wait for the tat to heal. One of the mistakes being made is giving inadequate thought to caring for the tattoo after the procedure. In choosing a tattoo aftercare […]


How Does A Tattoo Machine Work?

You may have an existing tattoo or would like to get one. But have you ever wondered how a tattoo machine works? A tattoo machine is a hand held device that creates a permanent marking on the skin using a permanent ink. There are basically three types of machines. These are the rotary type, dual […]


How to Choose Designs for Tattoos

There is no doubt that getting a tattoo is one of the most popular things these days. But since a tattoo is a permanent thing, you should be sensible as you choose your designs for tattoos. Avoid making hurried decisions. Picking a design for tattoo at the spur of the moment is a no-no. Bear […]


Bepanthen is not a Tattoo Aftercare Product

Bepanthen is a diaper rash cream that is sometimes used by tattoo artists as a tattoo aftercare cream. But should you really use a nappy cream for your fresh wound? One of the ingredients found in Bepanthen is petroleum jelly or petrolatum. This is also called white petrolatum or soft paraffin. It has been used […]