How will Covid-19 change the way we get tattooed?

The pandemic has completely changed the way we live and will most likely change the way some businesses are run. As we wait to hear news on re-opening of tattoo studios and permanent make-up clinics we think about how treatments and appointments will change.

First, there will be stricter measures than usual. Hand washing, hand sanitisers etc will be required from everyone from clients to artists. The artists will be in protective gear or equipment and some places will most likely require clients to also wear some form of protection in face masks, possibly gloves etc.

Already tattoo studios and permanent make-up clinics already operate under very strict hygiene rules. Their first priority will be to ensure the safety of clients. Remember some areas where you are being tattooed will bring you face to face with the artist so client safety will be at the utmost importance.

Toilet facilities might probably be unavailable for clients. Waiting rooms might be scrapped so clients can go directly to treatment without waiting. Other things to consider is payment might be requested via contactless means. Artists will also likely be cleaning thoroughly after in between clients.

Rest assured, strictest measures will be taken to ensure the highest standard of health and safety for each client.

LaserYou Clinic Burnham