How to Stop Itching after Tattooing

Itching is a common reaction following tattoo procedures including traditional tattooing, microblading, semipermanent make up and even after laser tattoo removal. This is quite a normal reaction of the skin to the tattoo treatment. It is essential you do not scratch the area in order to relieve the itching.  

You may find that immediately after the treatment the area scabs. Again, this is a perfectly normal reaction and it is just the body‘s way of trying to heal. The best course of action to follow is appropriate after-care. This means professional and appropriate after-care. We are aware that sometimes the improper after-care instructions are given or not given at all. It may be that your clinic does not sell or provide after-care products or it may be that they don’t want to recommend one single product.

However, the aftercare is almost as important as the treatment itself. The best thing you can do is apply a specific after-care cream regularly. This will help alleviate the itching and promote healing. After Inked is one such product – it is formulated specifically to deeply moisturize skin after tattoo procedures. It is not simply just a cream or moisturiser / lotion; it contains the optimum ingredients including Grapeseed Oil. You only need a small amount of cream. If you need a Vaseline based product the use the AFTER INKED NON Petroleum Jelly. Follow that with After Inked.

Remember, if you scratch the area trying to peel off the scab it will instead lead to scarring and potentially undo the treatment. Invest in the best aftercare – it is your skin after all.