Healing your New Tattoo

Aftercare is just as important as choosing your tattoo artist. Inadequate aftercare could result in an infection or even scarring. While some choose to allow their tattoo to heal naturally, without any assistance, this may not work for everyone. Your tattoo artist may also leave this up to you which is all the more reason to be prepared. This is especially so if you have known skin sensitivities / allergies. As is common with post tattooing the area may well be itchy in which case you also need to ensure you use a product to help alleviate the itching. It is very important not to scratch the area as that may result in scarring.

After Inked Premium Tattoo Aftercare Lotion helps keep your new tattoo deeply moisturised and brings your existing tattoos back to life. After Inked contains THE BEST ingredients. It contains high grade Grape Seed Oil which works 10,000 more effectively than Vitamin E. Many other creams contain petroleum (Vaseline), which can actually slow the healing process, sometimes causing infections. You will find After Inked is not sticky or greasy making it easy to apply. Excellent also for sensitive skin (we have reports of some customers who suffer from skin problems successfully using After Inked).