Design Ideas for Nape Tattoos

nape tattoosOne of the rapidly becoming fashionable areas to get a tattoo is the nape area. This is a very visible area and therefore commonly used for self expression. Nape tattoos are suitable for both men and women. It is less risky for women since the tat can easily be hidden with long hair. Because of their visibility, nape tattoos and neck tattoos are also referred to as job blockers since most of employers frown upon them.

Getting a tattoo is a painful procedure and the neck is among the more sensitive areas. It is said that nape or neck tattoos hurt more than the commonly tattooed parts of the body. Some tattoo artists discourage nape tattoos due to the pain involved. Tattoos on the neck area also need more time to heal completely because of the friction associated with continuous head movement.

There are various designs suitable for the nape area. Usually, nape tattoos are smaller version of tattoos common in other areas of the body.

Butterfly tattoos are in great demand especially in women. The butterfly is a powerful symbol signifying metamorphosis. They are delicate designs that have feminine connotation and thus can stand for beauty, grace, and charm.

Roses and other floral designs are also very feminine. Roses on the nape can mean love, beauty, pain, or sacrifice. Lilies have a spiritual association and are also popular among new mothers. Sunflowers are symbolic of good luck, ambition, and opportunity. To symbolize determination and renaissance, tulips are chosen as tattoo designs because they return every year.

Zodiac symbols are suitable nape tattoo designs for both men and women. Other variations are Chinese birth sign tattoos and star constellations.

Star tattoos can also be used by both men and women. However, make a thorough research before deciding on this one. Nautical star tattoos often represent the North Star and can be a good luck symbol. A shooting star tattoo signifies living life to the fullest.

Before getting a nape tattoo, bear in mind that this is not only a permanent mark on your skin but very visible as well. They may look interesting but may cause inconvenience later on.