Choosing a Permanent Make Up Artist

So you have decided to go ahead and treat yourself to some sensational tattooed eyebrows. The next thing to do is to choose the best artists to give you the best result. Committing to semi-permanent makeup is a big commitment as most of the treatments are performed on the face. Unfortunately there are many situations where people have had a negative experience with permanent make up. This can be because colour has changed or shape is wrong, which cannot easily be rectified, etc. Whatever the reason, it is very important to find the best artist.

How to find a good technician?

1) A good place to start is to find award winning / fully certified and licenced / trained artists. Artists are always proud to show and display their certificates and they aren’t shy in revealing where or who they have trained with. These artists have a proven track record and credentials.

2) Research the artist! Look through their website and social media for photos of their work previous work. Take a look at reviews and testimonials from other clients.

3) Ask questions. Don’t be afraid to ask for photos of previous work, qualifications and certificates, post care treatment, etc. The artists can also suggest different options which they think will benefit you so equally, listen to suggestions and make sure you understand and feel comfortable with the choice of treatment.

After Inked is a long running well established brand and we are proud to be supplying some of the best, highly qualified PMU artists in the industry. You can find a list of some artists on this link.