Ankh Tattoo Meaning

ankh tattooWhat is the meaning of an ankh tattoo? The ankh is an ancient hieroglyph from Egypt that is also known as the crux ansata which means cross with handle in Latin. Other popular names for the ankh are the key of life and the key of the Nile.

The ankh is essentially a cross with a circle on top. For the Egyptians, this symbol represented eternal life. It has been used as an amulet and frequently seen in Egyptian art and tomb paintings. Gods or goddesses often have this symbol at their fingertips, probably representing conferring the gift of life or afterlife. Other decorative objects such as mirrors and other metals were also made following the shape of the ankh. In some temple walls in Egypt, the ankh is also seen. It was used along with other symbols of rituals of purification. Ankh signs were also carried by the ancient Egyptian gods along with the scepter. In tombs, the ankh was placed on the face of the king to stand for the breath of eternal life.

The ankh symbol has also been used to depict the act of conception, signify strength, and represent health. It also symbolised the sunrise, with the loop representing the rising sun while the crossbar portraying the horizon.

Today, it is probably the most popular symbol from Egyptian art. The symbol is used in jewelry and ankh tattoo designs are widely seen. It is a fascinating symbol that can have religious connotation, sign of life, the afterlife, the ancient culture, and unending life.

Because of the various ankh tattoo meanings, this has been a popular choice among various types of people. Even celebrities have ankh or modified ankh tats like sportsmen Dennis Rodman, Shaq, and Christopher Daniels. Singers Erykah Badu and Anastacia also have this ink. Truly, this ancient Egyptian symbol has transcended time and is still used today.