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Bleeding Tattoos

Having a tattoo is pretty common these days. People don’t mind the painful and bloody process that comes with it. You see them sitting on the chair calmly taking the pain, wincing from time to time and the occasional “ouch”. After that you’ll see a wonderful smile on their faces, happy and satisfied. Surprisingly, panic […]


Why get Permanent Makeup?

Permanent Makeup has evolved over years and with so many treatments offered today it’s not uncommon that more and more of us are having cosmetic tattoos. From eyebrows to areola tattoos. There are many reasons why we want cosmetic tattoos. Permanent Makeup gives that makeup look 24/7. Treatments available include eyebrow, eyeliner, lip tattoos, beauty […]


Thinking about getting a tattoo ? Here’s what to check.

There are a few key things to note. Watch this video by the NHS : Your tattoo artist and shop should be licensed. The licence is issued by the local authority and must be displayed. Check the hygiene and that they are using sterilised equipment. The aftercare is really important. Poor healing can affect your […]


Choosing a Permanent Make Up Artist

So you have decided to go ahead and treat yourself to some sensational tattooed eyebrows. The next thing to do is to choose the best artists to give you the best result. Committing to semi-permanent makeup is a big commitment as most of the treatments are performed on the face. Unfortunately there are many situations […]


Removing Permanent Makeup Tattoos

When getting permanent makeup tattoos it is important to accept that the tattoo is permanent. Although these tattoos are topped up every now and again due to fading, they are still permanent. There might come a time when removal of permanent makeup tattoo is needed or required. Whether the original tattoo was poorly done or […]


Areola Tattoos

More and more tattoo artists and permanent make-up artists are now offering areola tattoos for cancer survivors. Areola tattoos bring back confidence and hope to those who have had mastectomy operations. Some patients after breast reconstruction surgery will be left without a visible nipple and this is where areola tattoos come in. These tattoos are […]


How to Stop your Tattoo Itching

It is perfectly normal for your tattoo to itch after treatment. Read this article. Itching will encourage scratching which can lead to scarring. All the more reason to ensure you relieve the itching by using a dedicated aftercare lotion like After Inked. After Inked contains the optimum ingredients for healing including Grapeseed oil and jojoba […]


Healing your New Tattoo

Aftercare is just as important as choosing your tattoo artist. Inadequate aftercare could result in an infection or even scarring. While some choose to allow their tattoo to heal naturally, without any assistance, this may not work for everyone. Your tattoo artist may also leave this up to you which is all the more reason […]


How to Stop Itching after Tattooing

Itching is a common reaction following tattoo procedures including traditional tattooing, microblading, semipermanent make up and even after laser tattoo removal. This is quite a normal reaction of the skin to the tattoo treatment. It is essential you do not scratch the area in order to relieve the itching.   You may find that immediately after the treatment […]