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Debunking Tattoo Myths


As many of us in the tattoo world know – there are a ton of really strange myths about getting a tattoo. Luckily, we can debunk a lot of those myths right now. Myth: You will regret tattoos later in life because they will look horrible. Truth: Harris polls taken in 20013 and 2008 showed that a […]


Great and Simple First Time Tattoo Ideas


Thinking about getting a tattoo but can’t decide what it should be of? The last thing you want to do is get one you will regret. Luckily, there are a few great tattoo ideas you can go for that will always be something to be proud of. The Meaningful Tattoo: Something that will (hopefully) be […]


Psychology of Body Modification and Full Body Art


There are many people today who indulge in extreme forms of body art and full body art. If you go to any tattoo convention you can find scores of them. Modifications range from minor procedures such as stretched lobe piercings or ‘gauges’ to far more major procedures such as tongue bifurcation or ‘tongue splitting.”  It […]


Tattoo Aftercare Tips For Tattoo First Timers


So, you’re planning to join the world of tattoos. You’ve got your tattoo ready, prepared it yourself, did all the research and the design strongly represents what you want to express. Before going to your tattoo artist, do you know what is the most important process of getting a tattoo? It’s tattoo aftercare and if […]


Want To Be A Professional Tattoo Artist?


In the past few years the tattoo industry has skyrocketed and is probably one of the fastest growing industry today. For this reason, a lot of people are taking this profession seriously, rather than a silly line of work. If you are interested to become a professional tattoo artist, there are a few things you […]


Looking For A Tattoo Design?


Are you looking for a tattoo design? Are you having trouble looking for a symbol that best represent your thoughts, ideas or something you want to express? You know what? You are not alone. There are a vast number of artworks, symbols, images and drawings that you can choose from, some even have multiple meanings. […]


Things To Consider Before Getting A Tattoo


These days, everyone is getting a tattoo. Walk along your neighborhood and you’ll find more people with tattoos than those who don’t, and you’re not even sure if they don’t have any tattoo’s because they might be hidden. So, if you’re opting to get a tattoo and it’s for first time getting one, there are […]


Snake Tattoo: A Must Have Tattoo


One of the most popular tattoo designs of all time is the snake tattoo. The snake is a fierce looking creature and has a slender body, which looking very similar to a dragon. Though the snake is known as a sign of evil or darkness in the bible, there are other positive sides of a […]


Tattoo Maintenance: The Key To A Long Lasting and Vibrant Tattoo


So, you’ve finally got yourself a new tattoo and feel really satisfied with all the hard work you put into deciding on a design, making a big investment on a really good professional artist and deciding where the design should be placed. Tattoo aftercare also went very well, the wound completely healed without any discoloration, […]

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